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November 01, 2011

How to Quickly Improve Pagerank and Traffic Blog

 How to quickly increase the page rank and blog traffic, reserved only for those of you who want the page rank and blog traffic instantly. How to quickly increase the page rank and blog traffic is to spread the link uses Multi Level Marketing system? For tips this time I will try to invite you all to take advantage of the awesomeness factor of time and speed the spread of this in the form of backlinks.

How to Quickly Improve Page Rank And Traffic Blog is quite easy. All you have to do is put these links in blogs or articles or go directly Copas (copy paste) this article.

How it works, you first put your blog link with anchor text like the above arrangement, then you remove the serial number to 23 from a list, so that all participants ride a level.Yang earlier times was the number 1 so the number 2, number 2 to 3, and so on. Then enter your blog link in position number one (1) or most of its own.

If each participant can take only 5 people, then the number of backlinks that will be obtained is
When the position of your blog first, the number of backlinks = 1

Position 2, Number backlink = 5

Position 3, Number backlink = 25

Position 4, Number backlink = 125

Position 5, Number backlink = 625

Position 6, Number backlink = 3.125

Position 7, Number backlink = 15.625

Position 8, Number backlink = 78.125

Position 9, Number backlink = 390.625

Position 10, Number backlink = 1,953,125

and so on.

If you install up to position 10 only, and all using keywords (anchor text) you want. In terms of SEO, you've got 1,953,125 backlinks and side effects if your downline website visitors click on the link, automatic blog you will get extra traffic.

Well, please copy and paste the article How to Improve Page Rank And Traffic Blog, and remove the participant number 23 and add a link blog / your website in position 1. Remember, you have to start from position 1 for maximum results.

Good luck How to Improve Page Rank And Traffic Blog

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