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October 16, 2011

Apple iOS 5 VS Android 3.1 [Features & comparison]

Recently Apple announced iOS update to iOS 5. With iOS 5, Apple have  added over 200 new features. On the other hand Google, a month ago announced Android 3.1, Android 3.1 is a update version of android 3.0 honeycomb (The platform for large display devices).  So what makes the difference between these two most leading platforms for large display devices. Let’s explore more features in the new announced updates and comparison between those Features.
The main difference between Android 3.1 and Apple iOS 5 is that iOS 5 platform can be used in both iPhone (Smartphone) and iPad (Tablet PC) product by Apple. on the other hand Android 3.1 platform only targets the devices with Large display, like Tablet PCs.
iOS5 VS Android 3.1 Apple iOS 5 VS Android 3.1 [Features & comparison]
Whats New Features: In Apple iOS 5 the most challenging features added are iMessage, iCloud support, Reminders, Notification center, Twitter integration, Enhanced Camera features, Multitasking gestures for iPad 2. On the other hand for Android 3.1  the new features update include Refined UI, Recent Apps list, Customizable home screen, New high performance Wi-Fi lock, Improved browsing apps, Picture Transfer Protocol.
features camera quickaccess Apple iOS 5 VS Android 3.1 [Features & comparison]
Battery life: Battery life is most important to work for long hours on smartphones and Tablet PCs. Battery life also depends on the platform you are using in your device. In the analysis it has been found that Android enable devices consumes more battery in comparison to iOS enable gadgets.google apple1 Apple iOS 5 VS Android 3.1 [Features & comparison]
Browser support: iOS 5 brings even more web-browsing features to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Safari Reader displays web articles sans ads or clutter so you can read without distractions. recently “ichrome” web browser by Google is announced for iPad users. Surfing Flash content on web is not possible on iPad 2. Android 3.1 update also include lots of improved browsing features.
features of iOS 5 Apple iOS 5 VS Android 3.1 [Features & comparison]
High End user interface: User interface is the most important aspect to operate any device, So Apple iOS 5 is having high end user interface over android 3.1. While developing Android 3.1 version the main concern was to redefine the User interface, But still iOS is little better in terms of UI.
Product Choices: Apple iOS platform is only supported by apple products include iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4G, iPod. But on the other hand if you are going to purchase products supporting Android platform, Then you can better compare the products on the behalf of brand factor,  Hardware support,  upgrade support and many more. But Android 3.1 platform is only limited to large display devices like Tablet PCs. Even then you will be having Good choices of tablet PCs manufactured by different brands.
home full Apple iOS 5 VS Android 3.1 [Features & comparison]
Development Scope: Android 3.1 platform is open source platform based on Linux operating system. So Google is providing more development opportunities to Android platform developers to make it robust, reliable and taking this Operating system to next level. But on the other hand Apple iOS 5 platform is not open source platform. and You can’t develop  any application for iOS 5 directly. You have to got yourself registered for being a apple iOS developer. 
Price factor: Price of any product is the most important factor. There are many factors that decided the price for a product some of are Brand value, Demand in the market, manufacturing cost and many more. But here brand value matter a lot, that’s why Apple products are most costly than Android enable smartphones and Tablet PCs. 
Flash support: In the previous versions of iOS, there was no flash support and this was really big advantages for Android platform. But in the recent version of  iOS , Apple is providing fully flash support to their products. Because while surfing the internet, there are many websites built in flash. If you want to watch any video on YouTube, your browser must support Flash.
Conclusion: In both platforms (Apple iOS 5 and Android 3.1) more than 200  new features are added to make these OS as most reliable and robust. and There will be very tough competition between Android 3.1 and Apple iOS 5 when new products will be revealed in the market supporting these two platforms.

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