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November 01, 2011

Regarding The Mystery iPad 3

Well, Speaking of Apple seemed endless. Starting from the application to talk to Siri, a bit of the story of Steve Jobs during his lifetime as a figure that makes Apple Inc. rose leaves, until the leaks about the iPad iPhone 3 and 5.
One of the most moncer Apple product is the iPad. In fact, according to research firm Gartner, tablet computers that Jobs introduced in January 2010 that have sold over 47.9 million units by April. Predicted iPad tablet will still dominate the market until four years into the future with total sales of 138.4 million units. Right now Apple is arguably the upper hand.
When its competitors vying to cut the selling price, the iPad does not budge. BlackBerry Playbook, for example, to compete against the iPad was forced to make an extreme step. Every purchase of two units Playbook consumers get one free unit. Others, not much different.

Then what about the iPad? No need to hold a massive discount or show off the features. The lover of Apple products almost certainly faithful to wait for a next-generation iPad at any price. Here are some leaked iPad 3.
Released Early 2012
IPad 3 is estimated to be present initially in November this year. But the prediction was missed because Apple is not unusual to introduce products in adjacent tempo. The reason, 4S iPhone was just released on 5 October.
Cases like that ever happened to the iPhone 4, which finally was released six months after the iPad first generation appeared in January 2010. After that iPad 2 was introduced in March 2011.
Well, pay attention to the lapse of time, citing technology website TechRadar, 3 new iPad certainly will be present at the beginning of 2012.
Not Created at Foxconn
Apple no longer order the assembly process iPad 3 to Foxconn, the largest manufacturing companies in China. The reason, most workers in the factory that burned last May was great to work under pressure to decide to commit suicide.
Apple is worried about workers who are depressed will affect the quality of its products. Since then the company is led by Tim Cook iPad 3 shift manufacturing processes to companies located in the Far East.
There are two companies that ogled, Quanta Computer and Pegatron Technology. This manufacturing company promised to complete the process of production by 1.5 million units iPad 3 before the end of 2011.
Higher Screen Resolutions
Problem one is still confusing. No one knows for sure how much actual screen size iPad 3. Whether the smaller or the same as the previous generation.
But whatever the rumors, the screen resolution iPad 3 could certainly be sharper than its predecessor. If the iPad 2 screen has a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, the resolution is 2048x1536 pixels iPad 3.
Problem supply retinal display, Apple is still dependent on support LG and Samsung.
Quad-Core Processor and Memory-Size
Vendors have designed the ARM chip quad-core processors that can be embedded in all vendor partners began in December 2011. Reflect on the iPad 2 which use A5 chip, dual-core processors made by ARM 900 MHz speed, it is not impossible if the iPad 3 A6-made chips using the ARM as well.
Apple is also rumored to increase the capacity of internal memory on the iPad 3 to 128 GB. So far there are only three memory options, ie 16, 32, and 64 GB.
Port Thunderbolt
Indeed there is no USB port on the iPad two generations earlier. Is this time Apple will give one USB port? Apparently not as well.
But seeing the development of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lately could be another story. Two PCs were already using the port claimed Thundebolt faster in transferring data antarperangkat.
After all, according to Tuaw, in the IOS operating system 5 there is a file code for the new connectivity. But whether it Thunderbolt or SD card slot, remains unclear.

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