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October 18, 2011


There are many Ways To Make Money Online and in fact you can make quiet a lot of money online. The web is full of guys who are making considerable amount of money online (many of them are making millions per month online) with different ways. You or anybody else too can make money online if you(they) want to. This post is an attempt on my part to show you all the different ways to make money online so that you have all the choices before yourself and I hope this will help you in selecting the ways which will best suit you. I have tried to explain each money making way in the best way that I could so that it is easily comprehensible to you. I have listed most (if not all then at least 95%) of the available, viable, legitimate and practical options to make money online that you can find on the Internet today.

Some Candid Facts About This Post That You Must Read :-
1. You may find that you already know some of the online money making ways that I have listed here because that is quiet natural. But you will discover some new ways too. This post is just a list showing the money making opportunities present online.
2. You would find that some of the money making ways are interlinked (are overlapping) with others but this is quiet natural too as the Internet by nature provides for this.
3. You may like some of the money making ideas and dislike some too so choose the ones you like and discard the ones you don’t – its your choice. My work was to give you the list of the “ways you can make money online” and so I have.
4. I am not claiming that I have personally used all of the ways to make money online neither do I intend to but I must also say that some of these are making money for me online and some for others and may be some of the ways will also make money for you too in the near future.
5. None of the ways is a get-rich-scheme or fraud ways but each of them are genuine and legal ways to making money online. Each one would require right knowledge, hard work and time to build up.
6. This will be a long post so I have broken it down into a series so that you can take breaks in between and get refreshed. But do read the full series of posts because who knows you may discover the best online money making way that suits you written at last. I assure you that you will get real value for your time spent in reading the series “Ways To Make Money Online”.
Here are the Best Ways To Make Money Online :-

  1. Affiliate Marketing (Get Paid Per Sale) – This is the one online money making way that has made and is still making many millionaires. In fact a very competitive field but is immensely rewarding as well. The concept is simple that is you need to promote somebody else’s product as an affiliate online. You can promote both physical and digital products on any topic or field you want. There are affiliate networks like Clickbank, Paydotcom, Click2Sell, CJ and Amazon etc where you will get products of all types and of all categories to promote. Just sign up with any one of the affiliate networks (for free) and choose your products to promote. You only make money when the customer that you refer to the merchant site buys a product. Commissions generally vary from 5% to 80% depending on the type of product and the merchant. To know more details on this read my post on – Make money promoting affiliate products online.
  2. Affiliate Marketing (Get Paid Per Lead) – This concept is also similar to that of the above way of making money on sale of affiliate products but here you are not required to make any sale to make money. Your work is to promote a link which would lead a prospect to a site where he will be asked to do an activity as desired by the programme and you get your commission when the activity is done. The activities that I have just mentioned are just simple tasks like filling up a form, entering their email address or address or zip code or phone number etc, sign up for a free service, download a pdf or software etc, sign up for a free trial and etc. Commissions are generally low as compared to the get-paid-per-sale programmes . As the tasks are free to be done and no payments of any sort are required to be made so generally the conversion rate is high and this more then balances the low commission rates. Now many webmasters and affiliate marketers are seen to focus their attention more on get-paid-per-lead programmes to make money online due to their high conversion rates. You can join as an affiliate at CommissionJunction (cj.com), ebay.com and get paid for free sign-ups. There are many such programmes on net just do a Google or Yahoo and you will get plenty of pay-per-lead programmes to promote and make money online.
  3. Content Website – Start a content website and put up useful content, resources and the like on a topic that is of much importance and general demand. Optimize your website for the search engines so that you can get free organic traffic. Promote your site online through various mediums like forums, classifieds, advertisements, PPC etc to drive traffic. Then when you start getting a good amount of traffic to your site you can monetize it through various means to earn a considerable income online. You can use contextual advertising like AdSense of Google, promote Affiliate Products (both pay per sale and lead), sell advertising space, sell links, use in-line text ad programmes like Kontera and etc to make money from your website. A very healthy and widely used way to make money online – you can find the web being full of websites which have taken up this approach to make money online.
  4. Blog – You can start a blog and monetize it to earn money online. There are hundreds of blogs online which are making a fortune with this way – in fact this is the second most popular choice of persons who are interested or have already started to make money online. You can start a blog for free at Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, MovableType etc but Blogger is the best choice. You can also start self hosted blog if you have money. Whatever type of platform you choose you need to have the right start by choosing the right niche, optimizing your blog for search engines to get free organic traffic, promote your blog properly, write good and unique content and etc for making your blog a success. Lot of hard work goes behind the scene to make a successful money making blog. To know more in details about making money online you can go through my posts on How to start a blog? and How to make money from blogs?. My blog is an example through which I myself want to make some money online by helping you to make money online.
  5. Freelancing – You can work as a freelancer online and make good money. Freelancing is just offering your service to persons or concerns who need it. For this way the basic requirements that you need to have is a computer, an Internet connection and some skills to offer. You can get freelancing work at GetAFreelancer.com, Elance.com, RentACoder.com, Guru.com and Scriptlance.com etc. These sites mainly work as a middleman between the employers and the freelancers. Registration is free and you need to pay a minor part of your earnings to the freelance sites for their service. Some examples of Freelance work that you can get are Copywriting, Proofreading, Translation, Data Entry, Data Processing, Website Design, Web Promotion, Graphic Design, Link Building, SEO, Telemarketing, Banner Design, Logo Design, C/C++, Photoshop, XML, PHP, Flash, Website Security, Java and etc. Get your self registered to these sites and choose some projects to bid upon to get one to do. Some sites have a premium membership to offer against a fee and generally the better projects are conserved for the premium members and no commission is charged from them. You can read my post on Freelancing to get more details on freelance jobs.
  6. Surveys – Answering surveys is a great way to make fast and easy money online. It is also a legitimate and popular way to make money online which virtually requires no personal skill set. You only require a computer, an Internet connection, addresses of some survey providing sites to start with and of course some spare time to answer the surveys and you are ready to get paid for your opinion. Once you are registered with the sites they will send you surveys which you need to fill up to get paid. Pay rates vary but normally are around $5 per survey. To get more details on how to make money online with surveys read – Make Money with Paid Surveys, to get important tips read – Important tips on Paid Surveys and to get a list of money making surveys read – List of Paid Survey Sites.
  7. Online Ebay Store – You can start a virtual store online selling out products on Ebay. The products can be your own inventory or somebody else’s. You can sell virtually anything on Ebay.com – from pins to ships. In case of your own products you need to handle the packaging yourself but if you tie up with a drop shipping company and sell their products then you need not worry about anything other than promotion of your store. All the tools and help needed for promotion can be found on Ebay. They have a very detailed “Help” section to help you set your store. You can even sell the junk in your house or office that are of no use to you on Ebay and make some money. You can also sell other people’s junk through your store in return for a commission. You can bid for products and buy them at a lower cost and list them in your store to sell at a higher price thus earning good profit. In fact you can sell anything on Ebay to earn a healthy income.
  8. Ebay Affiliate – You can register yourself for free as an Ebay affiliate and promote Ebay through promotional means like through your website or blog, through forums and groups etc. You will earn a commission of $3 for each person coming through to Ebay by clicking on your affiliate link and registering for free. Get 10 people to register a day and you can make $900 a month – a decent way of making money online just for motivating people to do something for free. NOTE – You can surely expect a post – How to make money online with Ebay ? very soon which will explain every thing in much more detail.
  9. Equity Trading – I hope we all have heard somebody or the other talking about equities, shares, share market and stock exchanges quiet often. Even you or anybody else can start share trading by getting ourselves registered with any share broker. Though a high risk medium to earn money but if done properly can earn you a real lot of money. You can trade on shares through the broker or sub-broker’s terminal at their premises or can open an online account to start trading from your own computer having an Internet connection.
  10. You can buy shares and keep them to be sold when their price rises or can even do Day Trading which means to buy and sell shares on a daily basis for small profits. Once again I must mention that this is particularly a very risky field and you can even lose your capital in just a matter of seconds if you are not careful enough. So it is advised that you educate yourself about the different aspects of share trading including its risks and gains before entering the market. Learn some technical analysis to be on the safer side and never ever believe any so called expert blindly because nobody can predict the movement of an equity. There are many resources available on Internet to learn the field so go ahead – learn – apply. Start with a very small investment and gradually increase later as you start learning the loop holes of this online money making way.
  11. Futures and Options – Almost same as above but you got to buy shares in bulk and the game is played on future prices so large investment and more larger risk factors come into play. It is advisable to first enter the Equity trading field and then slowly gain knowledge on Futures and Options and then enter it gradually. This is a very high risk and high gain way of making money online.
  12. Commodity Trading – Almost same as above in the concept except here you have to deal with commodities like metals, oil, grains etc. There are separate commodity stock exchanges that deals in commodity trading. The game is played on future prices so more risky. You would have to invest in bulk amounts. There are two options to go for – Future and Options. Again utmost caution is advised and learn before you jump in. Again a high risk way of earning money online but is quiet rewarding too.
  13. Forex Trading – Foreign + Exchange = FOREX. This is also one more very enticing way of earning money online. This is also almost similar in concept to equity trading but here foreign currencies are traded through one large world over market – the Forex market. The Forex market is a non-stop cash market where currencies of various nations are traded, typically via brokers. You can open an account with any of these brokers and start trading currencies online from your home. Foreign currencies are constantly and simultaneously bought and sold across local and global markets and traders’ investments increase or decrease in value based upon currency movements and their values at a particular moment. Foreign exchange market is very volatile so conditions can change at any time in response to real-time events the world over thus affecting the rates of currencies.

The best part is that the market is open 24hrs and never closes – so you can trade at any time. You can trade in any currency you want like Dollars, Euro or Yen etc. It is a volatile market offering many profit opportunities like you can gain both from gaining and falling markets. There are also many risk controlling instruments like arbitrage and hedging etc. You can trade in large amounts with a very small margin money kept as security with your broker. There is also the option of zero commission offered by many brokers. But as in the previous options educate yourself before you jump into the field. You can make money only with patience and a strategically planned approach.
Buddy! its time for a break. Do catch up with my next post to get some more Ways to make money online.

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