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October 18, 2011


WAYS TO EARN MONEY ON THE INTERNET – this is the  “Ways To Make Money Online – BEST 101+” so if you have come to this part directly then please consider reading the series from the first part as I have noted some points in the first part of the series that you must read before you start reading the series so that you can understand the series better and make full use of it. Moreover starting from the first part will let you get the series in the same sequence as I have written it. You can go to the first part by clicking – “Best Ways To Make Money Online – 101+“.

Here are the Internet money making ways of this part :-
  • WorkingSol.com – Working Solutions provides legitimate work-at-home opportunities for those caring for family members, looking for supplemental income, and wanting or needing to work from home. They partner with clients from many different lines of business, providing them with a very capable and flexible supplemental workforce, as well as a talented project management team. This company pays you to handle technical support for many large companies. You can work from home on the computer or by phone and decide what times you are available. Each project is paid differently, some by the record or entry, other by talk minutes, sales, or a combination of both. Some may be paid a set amount per project. Agents have earned the equivalent of anywhere from $7.20 per hour to $30 per hour, depending on the project. Your income will vary greatly based on the work you are doing, how successful you are, how much work is available, and how many hours you choose to work. They offer direct deposit or can send checks by mail, and checks are issued every other week to those who have invoiced for work completed. So a good opportunity for those who want want to earn money on the Internet by working as a Call-Centre Executive from home.
  • Apingo.com – A good site where you can join as a freelancer to complete projects on copy editing and proof reading and earn money on a per-project-completed basis. You need to submit your resume stating your skills, rates and availability. You can also submit some work samples. If approved you can start working on copy editing and proof reading projects. Pay rates are reasonable and upto the industry standard. An easy and simple way to earn money on the Internet.
  • Intelli-Shop.com – If you love to go shopping then here is an opportunity where you can make money by shopping. You will be required to go for a sponsored shopping to a store or mall in your area or nearby town or city and give a detailed feedback or review about your shopping experience. This feedback or review helps the sponsor to improve their store or mall so that they can provide a better facilities for the consumers thereby increase their customer base. You are paid for your service. You can choose your time and the shopping project that you want to complete. This type of job is also called Mystery Shopping. You will be paid fairly and quickly on completion of your assignments. A good way for part-time income. (Offers are mainly available in USA.)
  • RPoints.com – Another site that offers you mystery shopping opportunities (only UK).
  • OpuzzVoice.com – You can earn money by recording you voice and OpuzzVoice.com offers you this unique job opportunity. You need to apply with your sample voice recording. if approved they will set up a store for you stating your stats and whenever a client hiers you to record for them you will make money after you complete the recording assignment. Its really “fun + money” doing this type of job work. Try it!
  • SlashMySearch.com – You can make money by searching on Internet. Just download and install a browser and then search using the search engine of SlashMySearch.com to make money online.
  • ShareAPic.com – Upload the photographs that you take (infact any photograph you want) on ShareAPic.com and earn money. You need not be a professional photographer – you can put any photographs of any level. You will have to put your Bidvertiser code (free to sign up CPC publisher ad network like AdSense) to your image and gallery pages to earn revenue. You can upload unlimited pictures, create unlimited galleries and no restrictions on file sizes. They also pay you $0.22 per 1000 views which is highest in this industry. You also enjoy other facilities like one click posting of your pictures to Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Orkut and etc.
  • Yuwie.com – Yuwie.com is a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace or Bebo but with a difference – you can make money over here. You just need to register for free and set up your profile page and you are ready to go. Yuwie.com places “pay per 1000 impressions (CPM)” ads on your profile page to earn revenue and you receive a part of this revenue that they earn. More profile views = More earnings.
  • SubvertAndProfit.com – Earn Per Vote. Here at SubvertAndProfit.com you are paid to vote for their clients at Digg, StumbleUpon, Sphinn, Delicious, BlinkList and other social media websites. Your votes help their clients reach the frontpage of these social media sites which results in huge traffic and publicity for their sites. You need to register as a voter for free to start earning. Also you need to have accounts at each of the social media sites which of course you can also get for free. Pay rates are on a per-vote basis. If interested visit SubvertAndProfit.com for further details about their money earning program.
  • Make Money Playing Games Online – WorldOfWarcraft.com, SecondLife.com and Zapak.com are three gaming site where you can earn money by playing games online. visit the sites for details regarding there money making methods.
  • SliceThePie.com – SliceThePie.com is a website that was set up to help emerging and up-coming music artists to get noticed, allowing them to get people to listen to their music, to gain feedback on their music, and also to enable people to invest in the artists, giving the artists a much needed financial backing. But the good news for you is that SliceThePie.com pays people to listen and rate music online. Anyone can join the site for free, can go to the ‘scouting room’ and can listen, rate and review music tracks by unsigned artists to earn easy money from home.
  • Break.com – Upload your pictures, videos or short films at Break.com to make money online. Visit Break.com for details.
  • MTurk.com (Amazon Mechanical Turk) – An Amazon.com undertaking. You are paid for doing jobs that humans do better then computers. Join and browse the jobs area they call Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) to select the tasks you want to do. You can select a task according to your convenience. After selecting a HIT complete it according to the instructions and submit the work. You are paid as soon as the employer who requested the HIT approves the work. Money is deposited into your Amazon Payments account for you to withdraw.
  • Bing.com – An online shopping store owned by MSN which pays you to refer people to their site. You are paid a percentage of the purchases made by the people you refer that is you can make money each time your referred candidate buys from their online store.
  • UTest.com – A site that offers to test softwares before they are released. The software developers get to test their softwares and fix the bugs so that they can release a top quality software in the market. This site also offers you a freelance job opportunity of being a software tester if you are a software geek or understand this field. They have a strong community of 17k+ testers spread in 150 countries working for them – quiet impressive. You as a Software Tester can get paid for the bugs you find.
  • Refer People to Jobs – You can also make significant money online by referring worthy or suitable candidates to fill up vacant positions in different companies. There are sites where different companies lists their vacant positions and you need to sign up with these sites to get the list of positions to be filled up so that you can refer people and earn money. Indeed.com, H3.com and KarmaOne.com are three such sites which offers you this opportunity. You can earn $50 to $5000 or even more for each position filled up. Note – you only get commissions when you refer the right person for a vacant position and the company recruits you referred candidate. The amount of the commission that you can earn by filling up a vacant job position depends upon many aspects like – the urgency for the position to be filled up, the nature of the job, the position of the job, the salary of the job and etc differing from company to company and from network to network. The networks also offers you widgets called Job Boards (that displays the vacant positions present) and you can use these widgets in your websites or blogs. Visit indeed.com, KarmaOne.com and H3.com to get all necessary details about how you can make money from their Job Boards.
  • Flixya.com – Get registered for free – create a profile – upload photos, share videos, start a blog – make friends – sign up for an AdSense account or use your old AdSense account to place contextual advertisement on your pages – keep 100% of the ad revenue generated from your content pages – no fees, no gimmicks, no spam and no website needed – secure and safe – join Today! One of the easy and most simple ways to earn money on the Internet.
  • YouTaz.com – Youtaz is a social portal, it has all the social gadgets (blogs, videos, forums…) as well as interactive content such as playing free arcade games, watching TV online, question and answers, news and product reviews. But there is a massive difference with most social networks: at Youtaz they give back 50% of all site revenue to all active users. You are paid to be active on their network that is you can add blogs, add videos, participate in forum discussions, ask or answer questions or add a link to an interesting news that you have read – all these activities earns you TAZ points which you can later convert to cash or buy products from YouTaz online store. You can request a payout once your account reaches $50. Payments are done through Paypal. They also have a referral program to let you earn more. If interested join as a free member now and start earning money for social activities.
  • PickJack.com – An unique Question and Answer site where you can get paid for answering or putting up multiple choice questions. You earn money based on how many questions and answers you submit and how well other members rate your questions and answers. The goal is to be the top money earner by writing the best, most relevant questions and answers. Registration is free and payments are via Paypal.
  • BKServ.net – A website (named – LookingForClues) that publishes articles that provide “Bite size nuggets of insight and entertainment”. They buy articles from new and established freelance writers and pay between $10 and $25 per article – upfront. The article should be at least 6 paragraphs (800 words) and generally no more than 12 paragraphs (1600 words) in length. They are currently seeking articles from writers who are proud of their work and who want everyone to read their writing. If you have a website, blog, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube account or other social networking presence on the net – and are willing to link to your articles – then they want you to write for them and send them lots of traffic by linking to the articles you have submitted from your websites, blogs or different social accounts and they will reward you by paying you more for future articles. You can also earn by reviewing YouTube videos through them if you have YouTube account. Sign-up is free and payments are through Paypal.
  • HowHub.com – A site (similar to eHow.com) where you can submit your “How to..?” articles to earn money. How-to articles are HOT right now. Just about every single internet user gets online to figure out how to do something. How many times have you searched how to clean a pet stain, cook a quick gourmet dinner, fix plumbing problems, etc? There are nearly 1,000 categories available, so no matter what your expertise is, there is a section for you! When you sign up, you immediately begin earning 50% of the Adsense revenue that your articles generate. You will be able to place your adsense code on the page…so you get paid directly from Google. You can check your stats via Adsense like you normally would for your own sites. You can also create channels to monitor your HowHub article revenue. When you sign up, you are given a referral link. You can post this link on your blog, send your friends/colleagues an email, etc. Once you refer 10 people to HowHub, you will automatically start receiving 100% of the Adsense revenue!! Thats right…simply invite 10 people to join HowHub and you earn 100% of the Adsense income from your articles!. This is retroactive too…so if you have 50 articles earning 50%, when you reach 100%, ALL of your articles begin receiving 100%! Again a great source to earn money without having a website or blog.
To be continued (updated!) …………
Let’s take a BREAK buddy! But do come back to check this page as often as possible as I will update this page frequently w
ith more and more Internet money making ways or resources to help you make more money online and also to keep you informed about all the new money earning opportunities coming up on the Internet so that you can always get the best programs to participate and earn lots and lots of money online. Have a fun time earning money on the Internet!

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