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October 18, 2011

“Traffic” In Your Article The Base to Earn

5 Killer Traffic Generation Strategies You Can’t Ignore
Strategie #1 : Article Marketing
When you are thinking about traffic generation strategies, one idea at the front of your mind should always be article marketing. This free traffic generation method should truly be a part of any good internet marketer’s arsenal of marketing tool.
Strategie #2 : Sqidoo
When most of people first hear the word “Sqidoo” , they have no idea what in the word that means! it is a funny name for a site, however this particular website certainly packs a powerfull punch when it comes to driving traffic to your own websites. Because Squidoo has garned such a great page rank and importance with Google you can use it to give “juice” to your own site or blog.
Strategie #3 : Forum Marketing
Trying to get more traffic on your site can be a bit of hit and miss game. Sometimes you think you are doing everything perfectly and you think you are hearing crickets when you look at your website. No one is showing up. Forum marketing is just what it sounds like it is the process of marketing your website in a forum. Basically you would choose a forum that is related to your niche.
Strategie #4 : Pay Per Click
PPC is one of those strategie that literally change your business overnight and make you a succesful marketer quickly. However, there is also a very good chance that you can loose a substantial amount of money if you do now fully understant the process and the risks associated with it.
Strategie #5 : Social Networking
The buzz word of the decade has to be social networking. If you have never heard of Facebook, you must have been living on the planet Mars for the last several years. And chances are if there are people on mars they even had heard of it! Do not join a social network site as a way to sell yourself or your product. If you come off as a salesperson, people will shut down and never hear your message. Find groups that match up with niches that you are working in this may mean that you need more than one username so that you do not appear to be working in dozens of niches . Certainly you can buy advertising space on these social networking sites as a way of bringing in more traffic.

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