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October 16, 2011

How to make more money and traffic with Flixya

In Today’s article, I will tell you how to make money online with Flixya which is a social community like Facebook and Myspace for sharing everything whether they are your favorite videos, pictures, articles or blog.
What is Flixya?
rightFlixya is a social networking website that allows us to publish and monetize our content. Best thing about Flixya is that you will be able to make big amount of money by showing Google Adsense ads on your profile page.
Flixya Account
So want to know how to get started with Flixya?
Simple go to Flixya.com website and create an account with the ‘Free Sign Up’ link available in their Top navigation bar. You can share your Adsense account or create new Adsense account creation and in case you don’t have an Adsense account

Adsense Account A Must
According to Flixya case study, you will be getting 100 percent of Adsense revenue generated by your videos, photos, articles and blogs. So you must have an Adsense account in case you are aiming at making some good amount of money with Flixya. Click here to Apply for a Google Adsense Account. Once you are able to approve your publisher account from Google Adsense, you will be given a unique Publisher ID that you have to add to your Flixya account. Once you have mapped your Google Adsense account with your Flixya profile, you are ready to start earning cash with Flixya.
Best technique for making money online with Flixya will be bringing traffic on your Adsense ads by creating articles, blogs and by submitting videos/photos and promoting them in search engines.
So here are some tips that will help you drive some traffic to your profile on Flixya and thus will help you earn more money with Flixya:
  • Submit Original content: You should submit only quality and original content with some entertainment factor in it. You should avoid submitting a content piece which includes Porn or is against their policies as in that case you will risk losing your Google Adsense and Flixya account. So focus on quality content only.
  • Content sharing: Once you have submitted some content pieces on Flixya, you should think about ways to bring traffic to your articles and videos. As far as the videos are concerned, they allow you to share and upload your videos from YouTube, Google Videos, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Revver, Break, Livevideo, Bolt, Veoh etc. You can bring some traffic on your content by sharing it with your friends on Flixya and other Social networks. You can even think of mailing your work on Flixya to your mailing list.
  • Add Descriptive Titles: You should avoid adding 1-2 word titles for your content that you are submitting on Flixya. You should think of adding descriptive and accurate titles for your submitted content. Suppose you are submitting an article about Traffic Building, Instead of using a two work title “Traffic Building”, you should use some descriptive title like Top 26 ways to bring traffic to your website. It looks fine and will generate more views as compared to one or two word long titles.
  • Include Description: Don’t forget to add an attractive description about video or photo that you are submitting here on Flixya. Videos with good description do well in general. So it’s a good practice to give your videos a real description incstead of using some general descriptions like ‘Nice video’, ‘cool video’, ‘great video’ etc
  • Include tags: people use keywords or tags to search their favorite videos and photos on any website (like YouTube) or search engine. So it is a good practice to add tags with your videos that you submit with descriptive Titles and Descriptions.
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