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October 16, 2011

How to Make free a Paypal Account

Here’s a step by step process on How to Make a Paypal Account. This guide will walk you through the process of signing up for paypal up to verifying your email address.

How to Make a Paypal Account: Step 1

Sign up for an account by visiting the PayPal website and clicking the “Sign Up Today!” link located at the bottom of the page.


How to Make a Paypal Account: Step 2

Select your country or region and pick the account type of your choice.
Personal Paypal Account – For individuals who shop online.
Premier Paypal Account – For individuals who buy & sell online.
Paypal Business Account – For merchants who use a company name or group name.
All these account can be upgraded anytime after sign up. So it doesn’t really matter what you pick at the start. If you’re an individual just using paypal to buy online, pick the Personal account. If you are looking to buy and sell online or wants to earn online, pick the Premier account. The business account would be tough to register as paypal would need EIN to confirm that you are a business.

How to Make a Paypal Account: Step 3

Fill up the sign up form.
We are almost there!:)

How to Make a Paypal Account: Step 4

Enroll a debit card or credit card.
how-to-make-a-paypal-4Paypal will ask you to enroll a credit card or debit card so you can deposit money into your paypal account. But you may skip this step and log in to your account by click the “Go to My Account” link.

How to Make a Paypal Account: Step 5

Logging in to your Account Overview. To activate your Paypal account you have to
  1. Click on the verification link on your email, sent by Paypal.
  2. Enroll a credit card or debit card.
how-to-make-a-paypal-5Congratulations! You just created your very own Paypal Account! You can now receive money by using your email that you used in the sign up process.

Sign Up for Paypal Now

How to verify my PayPal account?

Verified PayPal members living outside of the U.S. complete the Expanded Use process by:
1. Confirming their email address
2. Adding a credit card
3. Entering the Expanded Use Number

How to add a credit card to my PayPal account?

1. Click the My Account tab.
2. Click the Profile subtab.
3. Click the Credit Cards link in the Financial Information column.
4. Click Add.
5. Fill out the Add Credit Card form.
6. Click Add Credit Card.
7. You have successfully added your credit card to your PayPal account.

How to enroll in the Expanded Use Program?

1. Upon adding your credit or debit card, complete the Expanded Use enrollment wherein PayPal charges your card a small fee ($1.95).
2. The fee appears on your bank account statement accompanied by a unique, randomly generated four-digit Expanded Use (EXPUSE) number.
3. Locate your four-digit Expanded Use number, either on your next paper or online credit card statement. The Expanded Use number is located right before the word PayPal in the description of the Expanded Use fee charged to that credit card.
4. Log in to your PayPal account and click the Complete Expanded Use Enrollment link on the Account Overview page to complete your enrollment.
This is how you create paypal account. If there are any problems you encounter while signing up, don’t hesitate to post them here.
this is the video

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