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October 16, 2011

How to make DFD and ER Diagrams using Microsoft Office 2010

Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) and ER diagrams are the most important part of the Legal documentation (SRS) for any software or application. Data Flow Diagrams are the logical flow of through the set of processes and procedures and ER diagrams represents how your database Entities holds relations between them. Now you can easily make DFD and ER diagrams in Microsoft office 2010. You just need to add an extension to your Microsoft office named as Microsoft Visio 2010. Microsoft Visio 2010 functionality requires connectivity to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or to Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007.

To download Microsoft Visio 2010, Click Here

How to make Data Flow Diagram using Microsoft office 2010

1.) Click the File tab.
2.) Click New, click Software and Database, and then double-click Data Flow Diagram.
3.) From the Data Flow Diagram Shapes stencil, drag an External interactor shape onto the drawing page to represent each external      source or destination for data.
4.) Drag more shapes onto the page to represent the processes, states, or entities involved in the data flow you are documenting.
5.) Indicate the flow of data in your diagram with Center to center shapes and indicate data loops using Loop on center shapes.

How to make ER Diagram using Microsoft office 2010

1.)  Click the File tab.
2.)  Click New, click Software and Database, and then double-click Database Model Diagram.
3.)  On the Database tab, in the Manage group, select Display Options.
4.)  In the Database Document Options dialog box, select the symbol set that you want to use and other table and relationship options, and then select OK.
Microsoft is really doing its best to make programmers job easy by introducing tools for IT professionals/students. All is the need to learn how to use those tools.
Microsoft Visio 20101 How to make DFD and ER Diagrams using Microsoft Office 2010

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