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November 04, 2011

Writing Tips : How To Make Document Online with Google Doc

Some People say : How To Make Document Online with Google Doc ?

In the world of bloggingso expect a blogger can create document, postor content that is useful.

Many ways that can be used to create an online document.The following are the steps - steps that you can do to make anonline document from google doc:

1. The first you have to do is go into your google account
2. Then you can open the address www.google.com/

3. Web page that there will be a create button. You can select the document or other type
4. You will be taken to the new tab page and appear like the look of MS.Word

5. after you type or copy and paste content from another website,you also can add a picture from the Insert menu -> image ...

6. Dimenu that you can upload your own image or copy the link from another website
7. After all is finished you can go back to home docs.google.com

8. Your document has been prepared in Share to your friend or business partner.
9. finished

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