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November 07, 2011

Tips Blogging : The Benefits of Blogging

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What Is a Blog?

A weblog, web log or simply a blog, as they are known, are
easy-to-use websites (no HTML knowledge required),
where you can quickly post thoughts, publish articles and
interact with people. Blogs are typically accessible to any
Internet user.

Why blog?

One of the important responsibilities that comes with being an author is marketing your book. Good publicity can be garnered through book signings, TV interviews, and book reviews. However, it is just as important to market yourself as an author as it is to promote your book. What’s a great way to promote yourself? Through the new marvel of the blog. A blog, short for Web log, allows you to write a short commentary to your audience on a Web site.

Benefits of the diary

Authors can use blogs in many different ways to further their writing career. For instance, an author can use a blog as a diary. Keeping up a daily blog about your everyday life may seem selfish and uninteresting. However, people in this day and age are drawn to celebrities. To your readers and fans, your life will be worth following! Authors with diary-style blogs update daily or at least once a week. Diary-style blogs are very successful because they keep authors fresh in the readers’ minds. If a reader is attracted to your writing style, blogs are a good way to keep them interested in your work until you can publish your next book.
Generally, authors of fiction books use diary-style blogs. Authors of nonfiction books take a stricter approach.

Benefits of the issue-oriented blog

Nonfiction writers with a certain topic of interest are perfect candidates for writing an issue-oriented blog. This type of blog displays that you are knowledgeable about your topic and provides you with even further credibility. Issue-oriented bloggers provide facts and news about their area of interest and keep readers updated with current events.
The most important aspect of the issue-oriented blog is the opinion of the writer. Typically, the more controversial your blog, the more interest it will get. This gets a discussion with your readers started and ensures that they’re engaged. Encourage all opinions and back yours up with facts.
The blogging decision
The decision to blog is often a hard one for authors to make. Generally, well-written and interesting author blogs grow the author’s fan base and book sales. Creating an author blog takes time and thought, but it is an excellent way to take advantage of the Internet’s marketing capabilities, as well as highlight who you are and your expertise.

The Importance of Comments on Blogs
Learn how comments on blogs are building a global village online, one comment at
As a reader, you probably like reading the comments that are left on blogs and perhaps you even leave comments on posts that you enjoy. While you may just like comments, writing to you from the perspective of a blogger, I can tell you that we love them! 
Every time I receive an email from our blog notifying me that a new comment has just been left, I get so excited.

Finding out what you think, learning from your perspective, and hearing how much you appreciate what we do is a real boost of energy and your comments inspire bloggers to  continue providing their readers with news, fascinating content, and unique opportunities
to be part of a thriving and united community. Commenting on blogs is also about building community. When you see several comments on a post, you know that people are being affected and are reaching out to others. When you see dozens of comments, well, that's just incredible!

Commenting is a way for people to contribute to their blog community. For some people, commenting is a cathartic experience, for others, commenting is a way to share insight and to inspire others. Many people comment to say how much they valued a particular post or blog. Each comment is a steppingstone to something more. It could be a conversation, a nugget of wisdom, or ideas for how to improve. 

Many of your comments have resulted in improvements or additions to the blogs that you read, benefiting the entire readership and of course, making your experience consuming blogs more enjoyable and relevant to you.

I've heard that on average for every comment that is left on a blog post, at least 1,000 people have read that respective article. That statistic is encouraging and reminds bloggers that their audience is made up of all kinds of different people who contribute to the success of a blog.

Participating on a blog or being a part of a blog community includes activities such as reading, commenting, sharing, or even posting your own blog post inspired by what you have just read. This kind of activity is referred to as social media, a medium that has skyrocketed in popularity much in part to the Web 2.0 movement.

Blogs can be about any number of purposes including a personal journal, a corporate communications channel, online media outlets, product reviewing services, or reflections on the state of the world. To be more even more specific, there are all sorts of blogs, bloggers, and readers out there. There is truly a blog for every person.

To give you an example, my blog is a commentary, news outlet and editorial content provider for the voice industry, specifically people who record voiceovers and those who consume them. Our audience is comprised of professional and aspiring voice talent, voice actors, casting directors, voice over coaches, talent agents, studio producers, musicians, singers, station managers, creative directors, movie producers, and entrepreneurs. We make a conscious effort to write about news, current affairs, human interest, and educational articles that inspire and motivate our audience and give our readership several different ways to get involved whether as a reader, commenter, contributor, or equipping them to be an evangelist for the industry.

Remember the official theme of the Olympic Games held in Torino, Italy this year?
It was "Passion Lives Here". That's how we feel about the voice industry and we can best express that sentiment through our network of blogs.

The VOX Daily blog is just one way that we can connect with our audience but it is also a very important way that is accessible to everyone. As the blog is online, it can be visited from anywhere, commented on, and consumed regardless of time of day, location, and even in some cases, language. Anyone can comment. I've seen comments from professional voice actors, teachers, fans of voiceovers and voice acting, investors, corporate entities, colleagues and family members of those featured on VOX Daily.

All of these comments have worth and inspire literally thousands of people around the world.
The more a blogger hears from you, the better and stronger their community becomes both online and off-line. On behalf of all the bloggers out there, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us over the years and with your fellow readers.

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