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November 08, 2011

The Most Essential Killer SEO Tips That You Need to Know for Creating an Efficient SEO Strategy

These days, anyone who is interested in optimizing his or her website can easily find numerous killer SEO tactics which are ready to highlight the most efficient optimization methods. If you are also searching for such tactics, you can locate different tips for:

  • creating trust with different search engines
  • promoting product pages
  • building links and driving targeted traffic towards your website
  • avoiding duplicate content
  • getting suitable URLs
  • finding the best free SEO tools
In order to find out as many things as possible about the aforementioned points, the following paragraphs give you the chance to discover the most important related details.

Creating Trust with Different Search Engines
It is a well-known fact that the search engines have their own favorites. And even though many people might consider themselves disadvantaged from this point of view, a great thing is that anyone can actually become one of the favorites of the search engines. The only thing that these people must do is to find out how to optimize their pages in order to create trust with different search engines. In most cases, creating trust with any of the available search engines takes a lot of work and patience. Some of the things that you can do to show search engines that you deserve their trust are to:
  • update the domain owner’s records by providing a valid email address, telephone number, name and address
  • get a popular and old domain, such as .net, .org, .com
  • try to pay for the domain for an extended period of minimum 2 years; this thing guarantees the fact that you have serious intentions
  • get a clean IP address
  • learn everything you can about the things that might affect your trust, including the spyware infestations
By simply applying these rules, you are able to start creating trust with any of the available search engines.

Promoting Product Pages
In order to promote your product pages, you have to apply some good SEO strategies, such as:
  • Provide unique product descriptions
  • Use real customer product reviews
  • Use URLs with keywords

Building Links and Driving Targeted Traffic towards Your Website
Now, you can find numerous killer SEO tactics which are known as linkbaiting. This term actually refers to the strategies that are used for the new web content in order to boost websites’ rankings by simply attracting inbound links. If you are interested in discovering the best SEO tactics, you must look for new opportunities, which give you the opportunity to use the most important hooks which have been discovered by Nick Wilson. These hooks are the humor hook, resource hook, attack hook, contrary hook and news hook.

How to Avoid Duplicate Content
Google advise marketers not to create duplicate content especially because it can definitely have a harmful effect on the search engine rankings of a website. There are two main types of duplicate content, namely duplicate content across different domains and duplicate content within the same website. The first case relates to the identical content which is published on different domains as scraped content. Sometimes, the scraped content has better rankings than the original content. The second case refers to an unintentional result of different websites that promote similar products. In order to avoid any duplicate content in such situations, the specialists recommend webmasters to include unique URL versions on the sitemap file.

Getting Suitable URLs
In order to have a suitable URL for your website, there are a few things that you must take into account. These include making the URLs readable, short, permanent, memorable and descriptive. As well, it is a great idea to use the keywords in your URLs, so that they can be crawled by search engines.

Finding the Best Free SEO Tools
There are a few SEO tools that you can get for free. The great thing about using these types of tools is the fact that they can help you to obtain some truly great rankings without paying a dime. By introducing the “free SEO tools” formula in any search engine’s box, you are able to locate numerous SEO tools, which can help you to complete numerous SEO tasks.

If you are able to apply all these strategies that belong to the killer SEO category, you can finally succeed to place your website on the first page of different search engines. But keep in mind to be perseverant and never give up your goal regardless of the impediments that you might encounter.

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