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November 12, 2011

Effective SEO Tips to Know When You’re Starting Out

If you are looking for the best approach to get more website traffic, your best bet is search engine optimization. If you want to learn the basics of SEO, start out by trying the following techniques.

As a beginner you should realize that SEO is an ongoing process that takes time and commitment. The search engines are constantly on the vigil and constantly update their rules, and in order to stay ahead of the crowd you will need to optimize your site on a regular basis. Maintaining your site’s rank is all about knowing what’s working and what used to work. If you aren’t working to maintain your ranking your site won’t stay at the top position for long. 

On top of that, you will likely be facing competition from many other websites. It is important for you to beat them to the top and keep youself there. There are many ways to accompish this task, using relevant keywords, creating backlinks and updating your content regularly are just a few of the ways. Your committment to consistent optimization will also help you keep your rankings on the top once you get there. Fewer competitors will be found if you use targeted longtail keywords which will help you keep your site on top longer without touching it. 

You still must watch out for competitive markets, these will have alot of competition and you will find it necessary to keep analyzing your rankings to improve them every now and then.
Building backlinks is also a big part of SEO, and you should do this for all your pages, not only your home page. If you want to get the best long term results, don’t neglect any of your pages when you go after backlinks, as you want as many of your pages as possible to rank well. So if your site is in the herbal remedies niche, you may have pages that focus on keywords such as “natural acne cures,” “herbal cold remedies” and “herbal tonics.” 

It can be beneficial if you get ranked for all of these different keywords, and this can happen if you get backlinks for all your pages. The correct way to do this is to have your backlinks created using anchor text with your targeted keywords. The more pages you build backlinks for, the more good content you are feeding to the search engines. Your homepage is only the beginning of your site, it isn’t everything.

Using Anchor text is yet another good tip. What is anchor text you ask? It’s simply the verbiage, or wordage you use to tell about your link. You must have proper anchor text links for those coming in as well as those going out. One of the biggest advantages of anchor texting is the ability of your search engines to see what keywords are actually being targeted and what words they need to rank your site on. 

Your visitors will also be more able to see where the link is going to take them before they ever click on it. Anchor text has the ability to significantly increase your ranking over time. In conclusion, search engine optimization can be seen as the easiest way to generate targeted traffic, without having to worry about any losses.

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