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October 16, 2011

How to Test website in Different browsers in just one click

Testing is very important part in the development of  any software or web based project to make it more relevant for users.For any website developer the most difficult task is to test the website on different browsers because most of the webpages looks different on different browsers because of many reasons like CSS rendering issues, HTML5 support and many more.

It is very difficult for any web developer to install all the browsers one by one and then check his website. So Through this article I am sharing about some online tools or websites that helps you to test your website  in different browsers in just one click.
browser shots How to Test website in Different browsers in just one click
Browsershots – This website makes screenshots of  your website in more than 86 different real browsers in different operating systems include all the leading browsers like all versions of Firefox, Internet explorer, Chrome, Opera, SeaMonkey and many more.This service is very easy to use and most important thing this project is open source include access code. Click on the link below to see the example.This process take time near about half an hour.
Adobe BrowserLab- This online tool is launched by Adobe one of the most important feature of it is cross browser checking but the number of browser is smaller but this tool has many more interesting features like Onion Skin View.Compare screenshots side by side or overlap them on each other to notice even the minor changes.

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