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October 18, 2011

5 Ways to Increase Google Adsense CTR

This is a guest post submitted by Abhay Shahi who blogs on MusicDoze.com. If you want to write for us do check our Guest Post Guidelines.
Every blogger dreams to earn a lot of money from Google Adsense. The simple way of making money with Adsense and get clicks from the visitors. Here are some tips to increase your Adsense CTR.

Placing of Ads above the content.
It is the best place to place ads on your blog, just above the content  and below the post title. The users will start reading from the title,  so there is a chance that he might click on the ads.
Ads besides blog logo
Must place a 468*60 ad block exactly on the right side, where your blog’s logo is displayed. It will be having the same importance as the blog’s logo.
Limited Ad placements
Adsense allows up to 3 ad blocks on any of your webpage. 2 search boxes and 3 link units. Bloggers say that when they limit the placements of ads to 2 or just 1 on a page which is a standout. they are earning more than placing the ad limit by Adsense. You can check out many other blogs who are having just one ad block which matches with their theme.
Perfect Set of Color Palettes should be used
Match your set ads with your blog content, so the visitors feel that the Ads are the content of your blog and so they would click on them. You can change the colour by using google Adsense colour tab you will find “colour pallets” over there. You can change your blog title color, background color,  URL color, border color and text color.
  • Title: Title of the Ads should match the text color of the blog , it must be appeal the visitors.
  • Border: Its should match with the background of your theme. I prefer white color because when you set the border to white its shows no border and looks like it is the blog’s content.
  • Background: Just like border it should match with the content of your body.
  • Text: Text should have the same colour that you have on your blog.
  • URL: You can go with any matching colour, but i would suggest you to go for Black.
Avoid Ad Titles
You should not add any title above the Ad blocks like “Our Sponsors”, “Advertisements” or “Networks” . You should not tell your visitors that it is an advertisement.  Google Ads itself displays “Ads By Google” at the bottom right of every ad when displayed.
Keep Testing
Try to experiment with Adsense , placements & a lot more. We recommend you to keep testing form one to another from time to time for better results.

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