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November 10, 2011

SEO Tips – 7 Simple Steps For Effective On Page SEO

On page SEO and off page SEO is a very important part of your strategy, especially if you have a blog or a website.
I’m starting to become an SEO gal and I just love it! And within the last couple of months that I’ve been online, I’ve had dozens of keywords rank on page 1 of Google.
Getting your on page SEO right is one of the factors that will determine how well you rank in the search engines.
So in this post, I’m going to share with you some of the on page SEO tipsthat I’ve picked up along my internet marketing journey that will help you with your on page SEO.

On Page SEO Tips

1. Title
Put your keyword in the title of your post. Another tip is to should make sure that your keyword is at the beginning or close to the beginning of your title.
The closer it is t the beginning of your title, makes it easier for Google to find it.
My recommendation is that you pick one or two keywords and not try to stuff too many keywords into your title or blog content.

2. Header Tags
Your header tags within your content are very important. There are header tags starting from 1 to 6, but the most important are H1, H2, and H3 tags.
Insert your H1, H2, H3 tags on your keywords. It makes it a lot easier for Google to crawl your page and find it.

3. Keyword Placement
Your keyword should be in the first and last sentence of your blog post.

4. Alt Tags
Put your keywords in the ‘alt’ tags of your images.
Google does not recognise images; therefore it’s important to put your keyword in the ‘alt’ tag because that’s what Google recognises.
I read somewhere that ‘alt’ tags in terms of SEO do not have as much impact as they used to. But it counts and I would still do it anyway.
Furthermore, it helps to pull up your image when people do a search for images and that could increase your blog traffic.

5. Emphasize your keywords
Emphasize your keywords by making them bold, underlined, or in italics.
Try to have one of each in your blog post: one bold keyword, one underlined and one italic keyword.

6. On Page SEO Tips – Keyword Density

Make sure that you keyword density is not more than 5%.
There are many different opinions on what percentage your keyword density should be, but anywhere between 2% and 5% is a good place to be.

7. Internal Linking
Link your blog post to other relevant posts on your blog but do not to overdo it
When linking to other posts within your blog, use keyword rich links.
Remember to do this for each blog post you create.

Conclusion – On Page SEO Tips

Getting your on page SEO done right is the first step to making your blog posts rank. So make sure you take the time to do it.
There’s a great tool called SEOPressor that actually does a lot of the on page SEO automatically, thus saving you a lot of time. Find out more about SEOPressor here.
And if you really want to learn more about SEO and really dig into it,watch these free videos.

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